Life is a journey, explore the flavors of South East Asia

East-West Grille is an experiment of Eastern culture in a Western setting. Being one of the few pan-Asian restaurants which specializes in Laotian food, East-West Grille brings an exciting new combination of traditional and “fusion” dishes from Laos, Thailand, China, Japan and Vietnam. Combined with a traditional Asian or American breakfast served Friday through Sunday, East-West Grille presents a unique cultural marriage.

Manola Sidara created East-West Grille in 2001. Born in Laos and raised in Colorado, Manola personifies her “East-West philosophy". While training as a professional pastry chef at the Griffin Culinary Institute, Manola learned the subtle secrets of Laotian food at home from her mother Phet Xamountry. Additional inspiration for Manola’s intricate cuisine comes from her creative background as a master teacher of traditional Laotian dance.

We are a family-owned restaurant

Through our varied menu, new taste and flavors can be discovered throughout the seasons. We are a place for family and friends to gather, have a wonderful dinner, share stories, and enjoy each other's companies..

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